“There is no greater agony then bearing an untold story inside you.” –Maya Angelou.

I love stories. How about you? My most treasured stories are the personal heartfelt stories I hear from women overcoming great heartache, transforming hopelessness and despair, and picking up the pieces of broken dreams. I feel honored to be a witness to their triumphs and journeys. We as women entering our 40 and 50’s transformative years –midlife, can make a difference in each others lives by honoring the relevance their stories hold and in doing so, honor their journeys. However, first we must acknowledge our own stories as relevant. Assured their texture, color, and meaning of each experience wasn’t for not, but rather a means to grow in wisdom.

Out of Africa

Do you remember the stories your mother or grandmother told about their journeys’ to wisdom during midlife? Or was it like so many of us, an unspoken, something not worth mentioning? We were told, “Midlife was something that just happened to you at a certain age.” At one time our 50th birthday celebrated us as a Wise Crone. That name conjures up pictures in my mind of a old hunched over woman living in the woods walking using an old tree branch as her walking stick; nothing close to the image of women today. Midlife transitions are a natural process of a women’s life affecting our bodies, minds, and emotions. We can either embrace our bodies warning about inauthentic areas in our lives; or, we can bury our heads in the sand telling ourselves, “It’s something that just happens to us at a certain age. It’s not worth mentioning.”

I challenge you to redefine the next chapter of your life by telling a powerful loving story filled with rich experiences which led to love, freedom and dynamic choices. And as you are noting significant moments to script your story, imagine all of the sisters, cousins, friends, daughters, nieces, and aunts, who you know have not yet started their journey into the transformational years after 40. Then ask yourself, “How can I honor my journey’s story for these beautiful women so they may step boldly into a flourishing life of wisdom, freedom, and authenticity? Enjoy the journey and write your story.