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This is What the NEW Midlife Looks Like –YOU!

Everywhere I turn something is being redefined. Our lives. Our purpose. Our identity. Our relationships. Our careers. It’s as though ‘redefining’ is the new ‘IT’ word, as self help authors are ready to give us the ‘5 Top Steps’ or 10 Ways to Redefining our lives, being authentic and finding our life purpose. There are also series of books highlighting defining steps just for men and those just for women. Even so, with all the redefining going on in the world, there is one area I haven’t seen much written –the midlife years women go through. You know those years when more often than not many transitions ensue –divorce, career changes, income changes, pregnancy, kids leaving for college, and on and on.

Through experiencing my own midlife transitions with millions of other women, I define midlife as a time in our lives when a stirring begins to rise out of the depths of our souls. It starts as awareness rather than cognizance, as it is difficult to articulate. I am not talking about midlife crisis, rather I am referring to the time in our lives when we transform into our authenticity and joy. We are in the ‘becoming’ women of wisdom.

What I find so exciting about this chapter of our lives is we as a dynamic group of women have collectively redefined our 40, 50, 60’s and beyond. Today’s women are more innovative, healthier, wealthier, and more empowered in ‘whom’ they are and ‘what’ they offer the world. They have let go of the unwanted to embrace what is authentic to their needs without the need for approval. As wise women of our day, we look, feel and act with understanding and vibrancy.


Ladies, we aren’t following in the footsteps of the women that have gone before us –our mothers, grandmothers, and great-grandmothers. Instead, we are redefining the stereotype ideas about what women 40++ look like and how she should act. You know the caricatures –old, hairy chin, out of shape, angry, sweaty, and unattractive. Every time I see one of those caricatures, I shake my head and wonder why the artist would continue to frame our passage as such a negative and unattractive one. We want to leave an impassioned legacy to those that come after us. For we are a group of fabulous sisters, mothers, aunts, friends, cousins, and grandmothers. We are women of wisdom! I ask you: have you claimed your wisdom? If not, it’s yours, you worked for it…so OWN IT!

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