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Investing in Your Fears.

I’m so excited about the coming season of Fall. I love how our world shows its brilliance with bright reds, oranges and yellows. Nature always amazes me because it is the perfect example of Being. No fears, doubts, or ill-will on itself or another. It just does what mother nature meant it to -Do, Be and Have.
  How about your brilliance and radiate colors? How are your -Doing, Being and Having at this time? This time of the year, we dig in and revisit our lives in a whole new way as Summer is winding down and the New Year will soon be upon us.
In my coaching buFear-Quotes-32siness I see many start to feel panic, as they fear not making their personal and business goals by the end of the year. You can say this time of the year brings up a lot of fears.
  And so, I want to share something you may not have heard regarding ‘investing in our fears’.
  Have you ever thought about your fears and how much you invest in them? Have you actually tallied up the amount of time, energy and money you’ve spent in covering them up.
  Think about it. Many of us have fear around money, weight, relationships, job security, missing out, not looking good, business, health, safety, risk, children, the future, and on and on. Of course, that doesn’t even include the fear driving news and advertising berating our energy field everyday. Fear fear FEAR!
  So here is why I’m talking about investing in fear. Because we have to CONSCIOUSLY INVEST in our fears to unlock our brilliance and true colors.
  Yep! That’s right. Everything you desire or have dreamed of -Doing, Being or Having is tightly locked up inside that ball of energy called Fear.
  By facing the biggest, scariest fear first -all the little ones will topple down. That’s not the exciting part though. Guess what is? Your greatest gifts and talents are locked up waiting to be ignited!
  The investments we make in our greatest fear rather than covering it up, I don’t mean avoiding it or face it or breakthrough it, but INVESTING IN IT to produce the greatest yield. Investing has a completely different energy than the others. You are literally capitalizing on your investment with a very high yield.
Quite literally, when you invest in your biggest baddest scariest fear, you are investing in your biggest, greatest power and when actualized, you empower yourself with your greatest GIFT.
  Still not convinced? Think of a piece of charcoal. Doesn’t really do much all by itself except to make a black mess. That’s what is called a anabolic state. Now invest in it with fluid and a match. You capitalize on its yield. It releases latent energy to a catabolic state giving the investor its greatest gifts -heat and fire. Now that’s a high yield especially if you are waiting with a couple of steaks.
  And so it is -with investing in your fears. So pick a scary fear, ignite a fire under it to release its latent energy then capitalize on your return -brilliant gifts and talents.
  Now get to work changing the world in your own special way.

Enjoy your journey.

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