90 Day Self-Study: Kick-Start Your Success

Focus on 1 BIG Goal

Receive 8 audio modules giving you step-by-step strategies to successfully complete your plan to accomplish 1 BIG PROJECT and a whole lot more. What would you like to achieve? More clients, get organized, be more profitable.

There is Magic in Focusing on 1 BIG project at a time. It's proven through Science.

Conquer Self-Talk

Overcome Impostor Syndrome. Unleash your Inner Warrior's courage, discipline, and focus. I promise if you follow the BWW Road Map, you will get you more accomplished in only 90 days than you ever thought possible.

Isn't it time to get out of your own way and tap into more potential?


Everything you need to follow the Business Women Warrior's 90-Day Proprietary System is laid out for you in a step-by-step workbook and audio training modules. They are designed to be easy to follow.

All you need to do is take imperfect action with diligence and a desire to accomplish more than you ever have before.

Kick Start Your Biz Success today. BWW 90-Day Self-Study Program

Receive 8 Audio Modules, Program workbook, and bonuses. ONLY $395.

Eight - Training Modules

In your modules, you will receive the training, worksheets, and tools you need along the way to feel fully supported and be successful in implementing the BWW Road Map. Since you will receive the information in your email box, you will have access to it forever!

8 - 20 minute Audio Trainings

Module 1: How to Prepare for Success

Module 2: How to Pick Your Project

Module 3: Creating a 90 Day Plan

Module 4: How to Play Bigger

Module 5: Dealing with Fear

Module 6: Learn Effective Time Managment

Module 7: Feeling Phony: It's not you. It's Impostor Syndrome

Module 8: How to Take Strategic Action

Program Worksheets with Each Training

Why do we use 90 days for our Kick Start Programs?

Because IT’S SHORT –to accelerate the process; IT’S FOCUSED –you have 1 thing to accomplish; IT’S PROVEN –to deliver quick changes in you and your business!

To make sure you have all the support you need to accomplish your 1 BIG THING –we’ve included the Business Women Warrior companion workbook to our 90-day Kick Start Your Success programs. Our workbooks are powerful tools to facilitate fast and lasting change -QUICKLY. I love a GREAT SHORTCUT. Together we unlock what is camouflaged to stop you from making great big changes in the world.

We want you to succeed by unlocking your Inner Warrior’s DNA, but in order to do so you will need a heavy dose of DISCIPLINE, COURAGE, and FOCUS. If you are in the Business Women Warrior 90 Day programs –YOU GOT ALL THREE!

*BONUS* 7-Day Quickstart Challenge

Yes, there is a woowoo side to me. I recorded the 7 day Quick Start Purpose.Power.Potential challenge to help you connect with your inner magnificent self... Your inner warrior.

Because I don’t want you to wait one more minute to start the process in being able to conquer and achieve your 1 big thing.

Use the 7-day-Quick-Start Purpose.Power.Potential Challenge audios with its companion workbook to start manifesting right away. As soon as you become a member of our exclusive Business Women Warriors Community, you will receive your link to start identifying what you really want to create.

You are unlocking latent potential, so no time to waste. Our 7 day challenge was specifically designed to assist you in identifying exactly what is BLOCKING your MANIFESTING MOJO to have what you truly desire.

Our pre-course mini challenge sets in motion your ability to learn how-to-dig-deeper while implementing proven strategies to get 100% return on your investment of time, energy and money.


Heart Meditation

Law of Receiving -Morning & Evening Activation Meditation

Add 3 1:1 Coaching Calls

Enhance your experience with three 1:1 coaching calls at a discounted rate.

Add 3 1:1 Coaching Calls - Total Investment $1095.

"Wow! Linda took me through what started as one goal and we ended up fulfilling several more. I have accomplished more in 3 months than I thought I would accomplish in a year. I feel more confident in business and networking.

I knew I had to do something to start gaining growth in my business but I had no idea where to start, I was at a total loss. Linda brainstormed with me and we started to roll. With Linda's encouragement, I became confident in getting my business into a better state. 

I now have 3 specific programs for my Life Coaching business.

She has helped me with a network program and some marketing techniques. I'm so glad I upgraded to include 1:1 coaching." - William Hromada, Mastering Life’s Journey

Case Study #1 - Meet Jen

Since joining Business Women Warriors, Jen, a family law attorney has quadrupled her fees and moved into a bigger office. She started with the 90 day programs and moved up to VIP coaching.

Her words: Before working with Linda my legal practice was a source of income for our family and really had no heart in it. It was something that I was doing, and was in a state of transition, but I didn't realize the full potential of what it could be.

Case Study #2 - Meet Suze

When Suze joined the 90-day program she felt worried and scattered with all of the initiatives she was juggling and forcing herself to work harder!

Her words: "I had my 1 big goal -finish & launch my next book. I became clear on where I'm distracting myself and stepping away from my plan to attract and retain new clients consistently and, how this was negatively affecting growing my income.

I opened myself to ideas on creating new revenue streams. What I accomplished was so much more as I completed the project and am launching the NEW book today!


Partaking in the Women Warrior 90 day challenge has been one of the pillars of my business growth this year. I received clear, actionable and enthusiastic advice from Linda. I also greatly benefited from the advice she gave to the other business owners in my challenge group. My business revenue has increased by more than 50% since I started the challenge.

- Terry Clancy - Attorney

1) I've learned to understand and work though my triggers that had been holding me back.
2) I've found a new way to focus on tools and behavior patterns that help me achieve my goals.
3) I've re-evaluated and re-aligned my time management process so I'm now spending my time in ways that make me much more efficient and productive than ever before.

- Dawn Ferencak - Sales

I signed up for the BWW Program to tackle blocks that I had in introducing a new product line in my business. Through the program I was able to identify many of these blocks and progress toward implementing the new product line. I was having difficulty laying the foundation for my new product line. I had concerns about attracting the right client who would value the product and be willing to invest in it. Through working with Linda I was able to determine that I needed to tweak the product toward a slightly different client that would be a better fit for me and my brand.

                         - Sonya Gilbert -Photographer

The Business Women Warriors 90 Day Challenge helped me more than I ever dreamed. It changed my business and my life. Linda was supportive, helpful and always encouraging growth. My income became more steady and increased by 50% in the span of 90 days! She helped me face my fears and harness the power of my inner warrior to guide me on the journey. With her help, I'm implementing multiple streams of income and leveraging my time better than ever before! As a result, I am working fewer hours, making more money and spending more time with my family.

                        Lynn Palmgren - Accupuncture

You Receive

8 - 20 minute Audio Trainings

Module 1: How to Prepare for Success

Module 2: Your Project

Module 3: Plan

Module 4: Inner Warrior

Module 5: Self-Awareness: Fear

Module 6: Time Blocking

Module 7: Impostor Syndrome

Module 8: Take Action


Step-by-Step Workbook

Heart Meditation

Law of Receiving Meditation

25% Discount on 1:1 Strategic Coaching Call

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