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It’s Time -Unleash Your Inner Warrior

Still reeling from the shock of Tuesday’s election, I have to admit as a woman I wonder how our rights will be affected most especially for my granddaughters. Will their rights to make choices about their own bodies be dictating by others? Will they be treated equally in their chosen profession? Will they be treated equally, period?
I am so clear now why I have been guided in September to start the Heart & Soul Warrior program for females. When I began teaching the courses, I felt like I was home. My purpose was handed to me. All of my experiences, paths and tools were brought together so effortlessly.


Starting with Productivity Warrior challenges may not seem like anything more than just creating more in the world, but that thought process completely misses the point. To be productive one must be disciplined, focused, mission and vision driven, compassionate, loving and fearless.
Learning and developing the skills to Being a Productivity Warrior fortifies females of all ages for the greater challenges we face ahead of us.
Part of the plan I was given to follow from the Akashic Records also included the below Mission and Vision.
At first, I wasn’t clear why at this time, I was chosen to develop and lead the Heart & Soul Warriors for women but now it is crystal clear.
Mission Statement
I believe as women, we must embrace our Inner Warrior to create massive change in our world by challenging the status quo in others and ourselves by tapping into our female warriors’ power, strength and compassion. Our tools fortify and inspire women to make a difference in the world.
Vision Statement
Heart and Soul Warriors of all ages unleash their power and potential to inspire our world out of complacency.
It’s time to realize there is a greater purpose as to ‘Why’ we are women here and now. It’s time step into our passions and purposes and to unleash our inner strength driven by a mission.
Ladies it’s time to fortify our daughters, granddaughters, friends, families and ourselves. We can’t afford to loose any one of our rights that were fought for with the blood, sweat, tears and lives of those brave women that have gone before us.
If you want to be part of other women living the Heart & Soul Warrior life request to join private our FB page.

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