We all experience negative self-talk. We tell ourselves we’re not good enough, smart enough, or thin enough. We don’t make enough money, we don’t have the right house, the right car, or the right clothes, and even if we did, we wouldn’t look as good in them as the Joneses do.

None of this is helpful. In fact, it’s down right destructive. When we talk down to ourselves, it doesn’t help us reach our full potential. It just makes us feel bad about ourselves, and when that happens, we’re less likely to be productive and do the things that make us feel good.

In our modern society, the media is constantly bombarding us with images of perfection, but they are NOT REAL. They’re staged and filtered and digitally altered to leave out the flaws. Nevertheless, we find ourselves constantly comparing ourselves to the supermodels in the magazines and the perfect families on TV who always solve their problems neatly in the span of one episode.

19_choices_memeOur lives are not like that and we shouldn’t expect them to be, and in reality their lives either. It’s all  staged and packaged to make money. But what about how it leaves us feeling not enough and can never have happiness because we don’t have this or that. To attain true happiness our first step is self-acceptance by not striving for the unattainable, it’s accepting who we are in the here and now, flaws and all. Once we accept ourselves, then we can reevaluate any changes we deem necessary, then start to learn how to make desired changes or learn to accept our shortcomings and honor our talents and gifts.

That’s easier said than done, but a good start is to say to ourselves, “I am enough.” We need say it to all the time, especially when we’re feeling down. Happiness comes when we learn to love who we are as a result of our life’s challenges and victories. So how do we even start to change “I’m not enough to I am enough” by becoming self-aware and changing our inner dialogue so we can catch ourselves putting ourselves down.

This will take practice, but the next time we catch our inner critic rising to the top of our consciousness, we can choose to change the conversation. We can decide to stop and tell ourselves, “I am enough.” We can say it out loud. Repeatedly. We must say it until we internalize it and really believe our words because that’s the first step to believing in ourselves.

28_self_aware_memeHappiness is internal. No amount of external accomplishments will make us feel better about ourselves. That comes from within. Once we’ve accomplished that, the rest will follow, because when we love ourselves, we take good care of ourselves. We’re more likely to engage in healthy habits, such as eating right and exercising. When we recognize that we are worthy of love and care, we start taking better care of ourselves.

When we practice healthy habits, we’re more likely to feel better about ourselves, which makes it more likely that we’ll continue to take good care of ourselves. Before we know it a new pattern of thinking and behaving start to emerge. From there, we’ll usually find the rest falls into place.

We don’t necessarily start off making more money, but we might if we realize we have the confidence to negotiate a higher salary for ourselves. Or maybe we’ll realize a higher salary in a job we hate isn’t what we want at all. Just admitting that can lead us on a journey of self-discovery that takes us to our dream job, even if we never realized until now what our dream job truly was.

Our personal lives will fall in line, too. Confident, happy people are drawn to confident, happy people. When we make the effort to put those positive vibes out into the world, we’ll find they have a way of finding their way back to us in all sorts of surprising ways.

It’s as simple as that. Change a few thoughts in the right direction create a new reality -We are enough! And believing it betters our lives pretty quickly leading to more- more love, more money, better jobs, better friends. So you see “WE ARE ENOUGH” and always have been!

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