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Honoring OUR Journey…Dear Self, I am so sorry…

Welcome to part 2 of 3 series of writing your story or at least honoring your journey by jotting down a few words and statements. I interviewed Michele Weldon, an author of many books including numerous other accomplishments, to empower us with handy tips for us to put pen to paper honoring our journeys.

Michele suggests: “You need to get it out of your body and down on paper. What I like to tell students at my workshops as well as journalism students seeking advise in how to write first person narratives, is it doesn’t do you any good to have ideas and thoughts bombarding your brain. You need to get your thoughts out in whatever form is necessary. At first, it may be an outline, write down key phrases and words, and memories or dialog.”

I’ve decided to honor my own journey to start the process for all of us to engage in the documenting process by writing about the depths of our thoughts. Here is a sample of my writing from a year ago when I was in a darker place, not understanding what my soul was trying to tell me. Now I look back on my words, they seem foreign to me. Had I not taken the time to document my feelings, there wouldn’t be a revisiting of how I felt just a year ago, which led me to where I am today.

Dear Self, I am so sorry to seem so blue these days. I have somehow fallen into a pit of despair and hopelessness. It seems, life was moving forward as I was minding my own business rediscovering myself, when what seemed to come out of nowhere… I found myself…nowhere! Feeling somehow defective and broken. It didn’t feel as though all that was needed was a Band-Aid, a tap on my head, or a few words of inspiration: “You’ll be fine. It will pass.” No, it was deeper. It felt like I hit a new bottom in the pit of despair and hopelessness. And every time I tried to pull myself out of it, I only felt more despair. I was lost. The person I knew only a few years before had disappeared. But where could she have gone? How was it that I didn’t notice her departure? And what was I to do without her? Who am I without her? (more in next weeks post)

To support you, I will help the process of writing for all of us by declaring May –Magnificent May. A month of discovering your magnificent…one word at a time! Everyday for the month, I will pull a Daily Words of Wisdom Card as a prompt for writing.

We will use the word and or the quote to unlock a time in our lives when the word was relevant, then we will write about it. You could write a page, paragraph or one line, it doesn’t matter. Just start! The purpose is to create a space where we as women take time to honor our thoughts and journeys. Are you in? I hope so…As Natalie Goldberg eludes to in her many books about writing your truths…what’s the worst that could happen?

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