“There is no greater agony then bearing an untold story inside you.” –Maya Angelou.

Have you ever thought of writing the story of your over 40 trials and tribulations? Why do I ask? Because over the next three weeks I challenge you to pick up a writing instrument of your choice to write your story. Each week I will post another tip to help you pen your story. As Maya Angelou suggests, our stories need telling, especially for women in transition.

Michele and I

Michele and I on a Girl’s Night Out!

To support you, I’ve asked my dear friend Michele Weldon to share some of her professional tips. Michele’s experience with her pen is well acclaimed as an award-winning journalist for over 35 years and an author of numerous nonfiction books, to name just a couple of her many accomplishments. She is dedicated to empowering women like yourself to develop their voices in creating authentic stories.

Michele will offer ideas and tips on how to bring out authenticity and depth in telling your story. I will provide ticklers such as words or statements to begin your story writing.

Ladies, gather your favorite writing instruments and notebook or journal to prepare for your first writing assignment.

Here is your first tickler word: Relevance. Think of a life experience when Relevance played a major role. Remember to tune in for next week’s post #1 of 3 to empower you with tools to write your story.

Check out Michele Weldon’s accomplished career at www.micheleweldon.com. And if you would like to receive journaling tips check out Michele Weldon’s Book: Writing To Save Your Life.”

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