About Linda

I have many passions... Family, travel, photography, people and business.


Our family has grown in a blink of an eye. It went from two sons to two daughter in laws and three grandchildren, plus a new husband. So much love, my heart bursts open with the joy of being so blessed. Best ever... I've joined the grandmother club and wear the badge with pride.


Remember I mentioned there is a woowoo side to me, well my spiritual and coaching businesses, family and friendships have allowed me to travel near and far fulfilling my passion for learning about people and places and sharing my knowledge.


My expertise and passion for helping small business owners and real estate professionals is rooted in my successful real estate career. For over 30 years of sales, management, investment and co-building a multi-million dollar sales team, I wanted the next phase of my life to embrace my training, expertise and hard-learned-wisdom to shortcut some of the steps it takes to become and sustain success in business.


I have a deep love for the real estate business which allows me the ability to empower Real Estate professionals to take their businesses to the next level of growth using the tools and systems I developed over years of creating success.


What I discovered was building a predictable growing business with results works for any business. Small business owners and real estate professionals need tools and strategies. Business is a science with strategies to get from where you are to where you want to be.


That is why I developed the Business Women Warrior Road Map. To guide you with precision to get from here to there... Wherever your there is... Quickly and strategically.


Part of my unique way of working with my clients is how I help them find emotional and mental blocks. My constant work on my inner spiritual growth has led me to learn highly powerful tools to breakthrough mind blocks to find what is most important and how to get there.


I love business and people. MY work gives me the pleasure to serve both with integrity and a big loving heart. I know what I do fulfills my soul's work because my heart bursts open every single time I'm with a client, student or someone looking to expand their business.


My desire to never stop learning led me to enroll in school in 2010 for Psychology. I wanted to know everything I could to help the business owners I worked with to reach new levels of success some only dreamed possible, while others were afraid to dream that big.


It was a risk but it paid off as I found my answer to crack the code.


Shortly afterwards, I completely rebranded my coaching business by designing and facilitating 90 Day Challenges and Master Minds for business women owners to create paradigm shifts in their mindsets and productivity.


The Challenges have been so powerful in creating desired change for women business owners and real estate professionals, that I have named these Focused, Disciplined and Dynamic Change Makers –Business Women Warriors.


So often we forget how magnificent we are! We forget while having to adjust to the many transitions we deal with in our everyday lives. And to add to our outwardly driven stress, as we age, our bodies, minds and feelings begin to have a mind of their own. We can easily be distracted.


Business Women Warriors have learned to embrace their own super power -their Inner Warrior. Her courage, discipline, and focus is led with heart and a strong mission to make the world a better place.

Their enemy... Status Quo! They have clarity and confidence to make choices to grow their businesses.


For as long as I can remember, my mission has been to empower women, which is the driving force to designing, developing and facilitating empowering educational tools and challenges for quick results. My methods are proprietary -my own special sauce. My super power. The results are outstanding and quick. I’ve always loved a great shortcut.


What could you accomplish in 90 days?

Become part of Business Women Warriors Tribe!

Is it your turn to be Extraordinary.

Express life fully and completely.

Let me help you.

We will do it together.  

“After 10 years in my practice, I finally am very clear on who I am, what my niche is, and how I will make my mark. All I can say is these courses are AWESOME!” 
– Jenny
Jenny Mitchell

I decided to reach out to Linda for coaching because I was simply stuck in my career.   I had met Linda years prior when she did a reading for me on my Akashic Record.  I continued to receive emails from her and decided that it was time in 2015 to get off the couch and get to work.  WOW!

We worked on my current position as an administrative in a academic medical center and the fact that I focused on “Looking Good”.  This concept of looking good and all of the behaviors that accompanied it were not in any way

Marcia C

helping me create an authentic Marcia. Of course as we worked together there were personal issues that we also focused on and which needed to be addressed.

I received so much more than I thought was possible! Linda really gave significant homework and at times it was the last thing that I wanted to do.   She was at attentive, supportive and directive when needed.   Given that I’m an alpha, she knew when to step in and call my bluff. I started to change the way that I behaved at work and at home.  I no longer was interested in “looking good” and trying to impress anyone.   It didn’t change anything and I realized I am much more effective being me. It was noticeable at work given my changes.  I was no longer pandering to anyone for a promotion.  I was done with all of that. Two years later I was recruited to be a Vice President at Vanderbilt Hospital. Who says you can’t have what you want?? Not me and not Linda! – Marcia C

“Thank you for supporting me with your amazing coaching program. I have made so many leaps it’s hard to name them all. Thank you for holding a clear vision of mybusiness growth and me. You were always there with logical and strategic support plus loving, heartfelt emotional support. You picked me up when I was frustrated. You guided me when I wasn’t sure where to make my next step. In a short time, my business has grown 5 fold with your help in 


consciously transitioning into supporting the growth I wanted but wasn’t sure how to navigate. Your help in celebrating my success has been paramount in owning my abilities and taking steps quickly and with ease. Thank you again for being the amazing YOU that you are. “- Lisa B.

“I wasn’t sure how much I could accomplish in only 90 days. I have exceeded my expectations for myself. I got so much out of the challenge for myself and my business. My warrior helped me get to where I am now.

My thinking and the way I approach daily decisions and challenges I face as a business owner has changed dramatically. The tools I received has literally given me more time to be with my children and attain greater success in my business. I recommend this Challenge. It’s like nothing you have yet to experience.”


“Working with Linda Berger has been such a blessing. For years I was stuck trying to rediscover my career path. She has been patient, compassionate and supportive. She helped me discover what makes me tick and helped me set up a plan to achieve my goals. She is a great listener and with her support I have been able to have more faith in myself and to listen to the quiet voices of the universe. Linda has helped me clearly identify the negative voices in my life that kept me from moving forward on my dreams.” - Julia I.

“Working with Linda was an absolute pleasure. She’s direct, insightful, and kind. She skillfully guided me through challenges that I was experiencing keeping me from moving forward in my life and life purpose. There was a definite shift in my life by the end of my time with Linda. I found myself more aware of the impact my conscious and unconscious choices have on my relationships with the people in my life, my commitments at work, and my commitments to myself. Needless to say, I started making different choices using tools Linda taught me to support myself.” – Emily

I had my session with Linda Berger last night. It was AMAZING. Linda was dead on with her analysis and gave me realistic “next steps” to begin attaining my goals. I am really looking forward to the next 30 days and looking even more forward to our follow up session. I am so blessed to have met Linda and would definitely recommend speaking with her, or at least follow her Daily Words of Wisdom if you aren’t already!” - Lindsay B.