Increase Your Exposure, Your Income, Your Clients - in 90 Days

This short term mastermind focuses on business training, coaching and group accountability.

Join like-minded business owners to create a path for success.

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Is the 90 Day Challenge right for you?

  • Has your business plateaued?
  • Do you need accountability in accomplishing your business goals?
  • Do you need help identifying areas of growth opportunity in your business?
  • Are you interested in building supportive professional relationships?

"I knew I had to do something to start gaining growth in my biz but I had no idea where to start. I was at a total loss." -90 Day Grad.

"Linda's guidance and coaching encouraged me to take action in all areas of my business. It was also good to be part of a group and see how each of us was taking huge leaps forward." -90 Day Grad

Join Our 90 Day Challenge -Level 1

90 Day Challenge is about saying YES to your Potential.

We are Business Owners who want to experience:




       A Tribe





Imagine finally having the clarity of a plan and strategies to guide your business's growth.

                                                                                                  "My sales acumen are refreshed, renewed, and re-energized." -90 Day Grad

"I'm more efficient and productive than ever before." -90 Day Grad

What would you do with so much support and training?

What questions would you ask the coach? What support would you want from your group? What more could you accomplish with accountability?

  You are invited to join a dynamic group of Business Women Warriors who develop Focus, Courage and Community by being there for one another. They know that no one person succeeds on their own. You don't have to do it alone. We want you to join our tribe to learn how much more you have inside of yourself that is wanting to be expressed through your biz.   

The 90 Day Challenge Level 1 Includes:

4 - 90 minutes Zoom Video Calls


1st 30 days: You have 2 calls: Call #1 and Call #2:

End of 60 Days: Call #3

End of 90 days: Call #4

Calls start on February 14, 2022 at 12pm CST. Each call is 90 minutes in length.

Your Calls Include:

Call 1: Kick-Off w/Training and Laser Coaching to get clear on Your BIG project.

Call 2: Laser Coaching w/Linda & Accountability w/ group.

Call 3: Laser Coaching, Group Mastermind & Accountability.

Call 4: Q & A, Next Steps for Biz, Celebrations.


Together you'll learn:

  • Revolutionary Methods to get QUICK RESULTS
  • How IMPOSTER SYNDROME blocks you
  • Valuable time management tools
  • Discover your unproductive patterns
  • Identify Your Manifesting Mojo
  • Use Time Management effectively
  • How to make more money in less time
  • Do effective networking
  • Own your Value
  • Stop making excuses
  • Your new normal: Courage, Discipline and Focus
  • Identify what you really want and how to create it.


You will receive a Zoom link for each call to listen again and again, forever to help you stay focused and motivated.

Access to 8 Recorded Training Modules

In these training modules, you will receive step-by-step supplemental training to our calls, worksheets, and tools to immediately start using in your business.

We want you to feel fully supported in your growing success by implementing the BWW Road Map.

8 - 20 minute Audio Trainings with Work Sheets

Module 1: How to Prepare for Success

Module 2: How to Pick Your Project

Module 3: Creating a 90 Day Plan

Module 4: How to Play Bigger

Module 5: Dealing with Fear

Module 6: Learn Effective Time Management

Module 7: Feeling Phony: It's not you. It's Impostor Syndrome

Module 8: How to Take Strategic Action

Frequently Asked Questions


Bonus #1: A 25% Discount on a 55 minute One-on-One Consultation with Linda

Need more 1:1? It’s all about you!

Schedule a 1:1 call anytime during the Mastermind program to dive deeper in to your business and personal needs. You pick the time when you are ready.

You started learning to plan and strategize for Exponential Growth by engaging the power of the Mastermind. Let's plan out the year with strategies to keep you on track.

It's best to prepare your questions as you go through the program to remember the areas most challenging to you whether being consistent, focused and disciplined to reach different stages of growth in your business and mindset.

We will outline next steps to ensure you are on target for exponential growth, clarify change needed and any support you feel is relevant to make the lasting changes you desire.

Spend the time to get real and raw about your specific needs to plan your step by step strategies to get more clients.


Bonus #2: Heart Connection Meditation

We all need inspiration to keep moving forward during the many transitions we as women go through in our lives. I’ve created this Heart Meditation to support you in manifesting from the inside out. Warriors know -No real transformation can happen from the outside in. So you will learn to expand your energy out into the world and to unlock your manifesting mojo from the inside out!

This visualization I take you through keeps your mind busy in the direction you want it to go -rather than the busy distracting chatter. Listening to your Warrior’s Heart Meditation daily will help you create the paradigm shift you are looking for to step into your greatness. And remember… Your potential is your greatness.

You will have access to the download immediately.


Bonus #3: Private Facebook Group

Join an exclusive group of women living on mission.

  • Meet other Warriors from our different programs
  • Ask questions
  • Learn from an exclusive group of business women warriors

We welcome you and look forward to meeting your Inner Warrior.


In her own words:

"After 10 years in my practice, I finally am very clear on who I am, what my niche is, and how I will make my mark. AWESOME! -90 Day Grad


“Before the class I was attempting to grow my Family Law mediation practice, but was not sure how to go about it. I was constantly finding myself in the same situation, of making just enough money to pay the bills and have a small surplus; but nothing substantially more. I’m only two weeks in and I have started to shift my financial situation. I have had a number of new clients, and have had many clients pay their invoices. I am focusing now on growing my practice in an organized fashion, and am very clear on my vision and am conquering the fears that have been holding me back. I feel empowered and energized. I feel that I am unstoppable, and that my vision and goals are completely doable in my life.”

– JM – 2 weeks into 90 Day P

“Working with Linda was an absolute pleasure. She’s direct, insightful, and kind. She skillfully guided me through challenges that I was experiencing keeping me from moving forward in my life and life purpose. There was a definite shift in my life by the end of my time with Linda. I found myself more aware of the impact my conscious and unconscious choices have on my relationships with the people in my life, my commitments at work, and my commitments to myself. Needless to say, I started making different choices using tools Linda taught me to support myself.”
– Emily

“Thank you for all of your direction. I’ve really enjoyed working with you and am much better off for it. You have inspired me not to give up and reminded me that investing in myself is the best shortcut to achieving my life’s dreams and goals.”
– Shirley

“Thank you for your patience, love, and understanding. It’s a breakthrough for me and even with the baby steps, I’m enjoying my journey and discovering every step of the way.”
– Diana

The 90 Biz Growth Challenge will work for you if:

  • Aren't making consistently $3500 mo.
  • You are looking for specific strategies to get a BIG project finally accomplished.
  • You are willing to invest your time, energy, and sincere desire to succeed in this challenge.
  • Stop the inner war with yourself. No more “I’m not enough!
  • Want to know what is holding you back.
  • Want clarity on day-to-day action steps.
  • Raise your monthly income.
  • Get organized.
  • You own a biz.


The 90 Day Biz Growth Challenge Level 1 will help you unlock powerful mindsets, clear fears around moving into the unknown, identify excuses, distractions, and limiting patterns.

It's NOT for you if:

  • Not interested in growing your biz.
  • Not interested in input and challenging your way of doing things.
  • Don't want your network to grow.
  • Not interested in being around other biz women.
  • Already paying yourself enough money.

First Zoom call will be on February 14, 2022 at 12pm CST. Each call is 90 minutes in length.

In their own Words:

“I wasn’t sure how much I could accomplish in only 90 days. I have exceeded my expectations for myself. I got so much out of the challenge for myself and my business. My warrior helped me get to where I am now.

My thinking and the way I approach daily decisions and challenges I face as a business owner has changed dramatically. The tools I received has literally given me more time to be with my children and attain greater success in my business. I recommend this Challenge. It’s like nothing you have yet to experience.”

“I discovered I really need a push to accomplish my desires otherwise, they just sit on the shelf waiting for me to finish them. The momentum of the group energy gave me the push I needed to stick with it.I learned so much about myself during the 90 days. Linda helped me to acknowledge my strengths and recognize qualities about myself I never really knew.”
– Renee

“Linda Berger, my dear friend and fellow Akashic Record teacher. Thank you for being able to see this work from the place of the student. You have made this information comprehendible and clear for all the readers to come. Your support and love, everyday in so many ways, have opened a floodgate in my heart. I couldn’t have completed this without you.” 

– Lisa Barnett (from the acknowledgements page of The Infinite Wisdom of the Akashic Records.)

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Your Coach, Linda Berger

Hi, I’m Coach Linda Berger a Women’s Empowerment and Transformation Expert. I’m also an impressive Shortcut Queen. I have dedicated over 25 years to helping women just like yourself overcome fears and clear blocks impeding their ability to live a life –as I say –Full of Self. Working, living, loving fully alive, emotionally, mentally, physically, spiritual and heart led.

It’s my Mission to help women connect to their Inner Warrior to create massive change in their world by challenging the status quo in others and themselves by tapping into their power, strength and compassion.

The 90 Day Challenge was created to help women of all ages who what to become more self-aware and get to know their Inner Warrior who can impact their lives in a positive and empowering way.

My proprietary programs and coaching style are offered in our 90 Day Biz Growth Challenge Level 1. They are innovative shortcuts to help you focus on the next best step to ensure your business is growing and serving more clients.

For the next 90 days

I would like you to commit to YOU.


All in.

Make it all about you!

“After 10 years in my practice, I finally am very clear on who I am, what my niche is, and how I will make my mark. All I can say is these courses are AWESOME!”
– Jenny