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Archive for August 2019

It’s Time -Unleash Your Inner Warrior

Still reeling from the shock of Tuesday’s election, I have to admit as a woman I wonder how our rights will be affected most especially for my granddaughters. Will their rights to make choices about their own bodies be dictating by others? Will they be treated equally in their chosen profession? Will they be treated…

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Passing Down Your Stories

“There is no greater agony then bearing an untold story inside you.” –Maya Angelou. I love stories. How about you? My most treasured stories are the personal heartfelt stories I hear from women overcoming great heartache, transforming hopelessness and despair, and picking up the pieces of broken dreams. I feel honored to be a witness…

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Owning Your Seat At The Table

Get inspired and discover what and who may be pulling you out of your power point.