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Archive for February 2019

When to Listen to Your Heart & Not Your Head

We live in a culture that prizes the rational above all else. Everyone has been warned away from making a “rash” decision at one time or another. People tell us we need to think things through, especially when it comes to making the big decisions in our lives, but is that really true? According to…

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This is What the NEW Midlife Looks Like –YOU!

Everywhere I turn something is being redefined. Our lives. Our purpose. Our identity. Our relationships. Our careers. It’s as though ‘redefining’ is the new ‘IT’ word, as self help authors are ready to give us the ‘5 Top Steps’ or 10 Ways to Redefining our lives, being authentic and finding our life purpose. There are…

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Owning Your Seat At The Table

Get inspired and discover what and who may be pulling you out of your power point.