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Archive for January 2019

Honoring OUR Journey…Dear Self, I am so sorry…

Welcome to part 2 of 3 series of writing your story or at least honoring your journey by jotting down a few words and statements. I interviewed Michele Weldon, an author of many books including numerous other accomplishments, to empower us with handy tips for us to put pen to paper honoring our journeys. Michele…

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Ladies, Are you entering the after 40 TWEEN STAGE?

I can remember my 12 years old son’s frustration during his tween years. Whenever we would shop for school clothes we would go from clothing store to clothing store searching for something semi-fashionable. Yet, we would only to be left tired and unsuccessful. All the clothes we would find were either too large or too…

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Owning Your Seat At The Table

Get inspired and discover what and who may be pulling you out of your power point.