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This is What the NEW Midlife Looks Like –YOU!

Everywhere I turn something is being redefined. Our lives. Our purpose. Our identity. Our relationships. Our careers. It’s as though ‘redefining’ is the new ‘IT’ word, as self help authors are ready to give us the ‘5 Top Steps’ or 10 Ways to Redefining our lives, being authentic and finding our life purpose. There are…

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Passing Down Your Stories

“There is no greater agony then bearing an untold story inside you.” –Maya Angelou. I love stories. How about you? My most treasured stories are the personal heartfelt stories I hear from women overcoming great heartache, transforming hopelessness and despair, and picking up the pieces of broken dreams. I feel honored to be a witness…

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Ladies, Are you entering the after 40 TWEEN STAGE?

I can remember my 12 years old son’s frustration during his tween years. Whenever we would shop for school clothes we would go from clothing store to clothing store searching for something semi-fashionable. Yet, we would only to be left tired and unsuccessful. All the clothes we would find were either too large or too…

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